Belgium – St. John’s Kirkyard

A double page book drawing which I worked on in Flanders, Amsterdam and finished in Edinburgh. The structure was inspired in part by St. John’s Kirkyard, however there is also iconography from a range of different places including Gent, Rural Flanders, Amsterdam. An ‘epic doodle’ including animals – cats, dogs, bats, pigeons, horses – and loads of different human characters and activities. Scroll down to see details.


St John’s Kirkyard – 2016 29 x 41 cm, pencil in book


The full version, scanned







One thought on “Belgium – St. John’s Kirkyard

  1. I just imagined this as a woven tapestry, makes me think of the old story telling tapestries with all their detail. It would take years to do but it would be magnificent because of your work! Well done Jamie, you never fail to impress me!

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